About Us

From the Management Desk

Navyug English Medium School was established in 1973and since then school imparts holistic education to our students. We make students imbibe thoughtful education, moral and ethical values along with social skills, character moulding and congnitive development of the tiny minds.

Navyug English Medium School emphasizes on strengthening the foundation of children’s growth through basic educational teaching.

We at Navyug School create learning environment fort he children, conducive for their growth and development. We are equipped with apt infrastructure which can nurture the child’s growth needs. Our teachers facilitate child’s learning and foster imagination among the tiny minds.

We are committed to provide quality education to our students and we look forward for your support and cooperation and seek to work in a positive and productive association of students, parents, staff management and the community at large to create a progressive and healthy environment in the school.

“Right Education is a mutual task demanding patience, consideration and affection”.